Technical lecture

Do exoskeletons grant superpowers?

06. October 2022 from 10:20 to 11:00 Clock
hall 5 booth 5435FORUM
Frau Esther Holsten-Stühmer, exoIQ GmbH, Hamburg
Product group: Manual assembly workstations
Despite the expansion of automation solutions, the need for skilled workers in production and assembly is constantly increasing. In addition to the challenges posed by demographic change, it is above all the heavy physical strain that can trigger musculoskeletal complaints and illnesses on the one hand, and reduce the attractiveness of jobs in production and assembly on the other. Industrial exoskeletons promise to make manual tasks easier and address many of the aforementioned problem areas by reducing the strain. At the same time, exoskeletons appear futuristic and in their media representations they even give their wearers superpowers. In their presentation at Motek 2022, the experts from exoIQ GmbH will discuss the extent to which modern industrial exoskeletons aim to strengthen users in real-life work situations and whether it is even worthwhile to use exoskeletons to achieve superpowers.