Dr. Erich TRETTER GmbH + Co. Hall 7 - Stand 7224

  • Handling modules
    • Handling units for assembly systems (pick&place)
    • Linear slides without drive
    • Precision slides
    • Rotary and swivel modules
  • Mechanical drive components
    • Guide elements
    • Linear roller guides (profile rail, shaft and cage rail guides)
    • Ball screw drives
    • Guide rollers / castors
    • Castor guides
    • Linear slide guides (linear bearings, dovetail guides, rail guides)
    • General trapezoid threaded drives / spindle drives
    • Couplings
  • Screwing technology
    • Mounting components for screwing
aluminium rail guides
The compact lightweight design of our aluminium rail guides offers a weight-reduction of up to 60% compared to steel guides. Aluminium profile rail guides are often used when the load is lighter, the required guidance accuracy is lower but price and weight reduction is relevant. The ...more

The Climate Protection and Energy Agency Baden-Württemberg (KEA) awarded five companies from the district of Göppingen for their exemplary ecological commitment in their companies. The ECOfit project is part of the climate protection strategy of the district of Göppingen and is supported ...more