ipf electronic gmbh Hall 7 - Stand 7327

  • Image processing for measurement and testing
    • Components for image processing systems
  • Sensors and identification systems
    • Inductive proximity sensors and distance sensors
    • Capacitive proximity sensors and distance sensors
    • Magnetic sensors and cylinder sensors
    • Light barriers and photoelectric sensors
    • Laser sensors
    • Pressure sensors
    • Temperature sensors
    • Flow sensors
    • Ultrasonic sensors

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Diffuse reflection sensors with backround supression OT230320
· Visible red light · Excellent background suppression · Large scanning range up to 1200mm · Rotatable M12 connector · Also available as laser button PT230320 (laser protection class 1)

High performance light barriers Amplifier OV560930
· Amplifier for high-performance light barriers · Very precise setting options through teach-in (object available / object not available) · Operation with automatically controlled transmission power possible · Switching and analogue output · Plastic housing for DIN rail mounting

LED Signal light EZ180420
· RGB LED · Up to 7 colors with appropriate wiring · Status display visible from all sides · Compact design · Stainless steel case

Laser sensors PT440306
· Large scanning range of up to 3m thanks to transit time measurement · Laser protection class 1 · Robust aluminum housing · Switching and analogue output · 4-digit LC display

LED machine light EM15020x
· LED machine light · Very compact aluminum housing 15 x 8mm · 3 different lengths available: 140mm, 240mm, 340mm · LED fully encapsulated – no front screen · Cable connection · Also available as EM38 with double light emission surface

IloT Gateways BY000002 & BY000003
· Gateway for data acquisition of energy flows · Integrated data memory · Visualization software pre-installed (freeware) · Up to 4 analog inputs · Digital IO's​​​​​​​ · Supports multiple protocols: Modbus, CAN, MQTT, HTTP, Cloud of Things, OPC U/A, DB/SQL · Back-plane bus ...more

Flow sensors – consumption measurement for compressed air
• Compact dimension with integrated flow straightener • 7 different process connections from G1/4" to G2" • TFT display • Versatile programming • Various interfaces (analog 4-20mA; pulse output; RS485; M-Bus or Ethernet TCP) • Optional: pressure measurement

Logic modules
• 2-fold logic distributor • M12-connector for the connection cable • 2 M8 sockets on the input side, logically AND- / OR-linked • Minimized wiring effort • Transparent housing - clearly visible switching status LED

Flow sensors for conductive liquids
• Stainless steel case • 4 different process connections from G1/4" to G1" • TFT display • Versatile programming • Analog and switching outputs • Dosing function • Temperature measurement

Articulated arm light
• Robust aluminum housing • Adjustable light head • Brightness adjustable • Lamp base with screw-on base and connection cable • Operating voltage 230V AC • Suitable accessories: Adhesive magnetic (AE000021), Table clamp (AE000022), or Wall bracket (AE000023)

• Laser through-beam sensors • Laser protection class 1 • Range up to 4m • Setting per teach-in • LED display with alignment aid • Subminiature housing

• Laser-Reflex-Schranke mit Polfilter • Laserschutzklasse 1 • Reichweite bis zu 3m • Einstellung per teach-in • LED-Anzeige mit Einstellhilfe • Subminiaturgehäuse

• Auto-reflective barrier for the detection of transparent objects • Distance to reference surface up to 1m • Setting per teach-in • IO-Link interface integrated

• Compact measuring transducer • Top-hat rail mounting • 2 analog inputs • 1 analog output and 4 switching outputs • TFT display • Multiple programmable

• Device for brightness control of LED lights • Easy mounting without opening the housing • Arrangement of the operating elements and connections on one side in each case • Under-table mounting possible

Logic module
• M12 slots • M12 plug connection for the bus • Basic setting: 4 x AND or 4 x OR linking of the input signals • Wide range of parameterization options via IO-Link interface

Laser sensors
• Infrared laser • Laser protection class 1 • Time-of-Flight measuring method • Adjustment by teach-in • Window function programmable • IO-Link interface

New ultrasonic sensors
• Various types from M8 to M30 • Scanning distances up to 6m • Versions with switching and analog output • IO-Link-Interface – many additional functions programmable • Connection via 4-pole M8 or M12-connector UT089570 UT139570 UT189520 UT309523

Logic module
• 2-fach-Logikverteiler • M12-Stecker für die Anschlussleitung • 2 M12-Dosen eingangsseitig, logisch UND- bzw. ODER verknüpft • Minimierter Verdrahtungsaufwand • Transparentes Gehäuse – gut sichtbare Schaltzustands-LED

Inductive sensors
• Inductive proximity switch in T-shaped housing • Flush mountable • Switching distance 2mm • High switching frequency 2kHz • Connection via M8 cable connector

New mounting system with mounting tubes and clamps
• Mounting tubes Ø12mm, length 200 and 500mm • Foot clamp holder, parallel clamp holder, and two-way clamp holder are available • Holding magnet for easy attachment, e.g on a machine component • Mounting bracket for sensors of the types M8, M12, M18 and M30

Gooseneck light
• Small lamp head with Ø18mm • Gooseneck length 250mm • Lamp base with M6 thread, e. g. for mounting on a magnet (AY000129) • M8-connector integrated in lamp base

EB800120 Gooseneck light
• Robust aluminum housing • Adjustable lamp head • Brightness adjustable • Gooseneck length 500mm • Lamp base with screwable base • Suitable accessories: Adhesive magnetic (AE000021), Table clamp (AE000022), or Wall bracket (AE000023)

Tool, torque wrench
• Torque wrench for cable sockets and connectors • Torque continuously adjustable from 0.6 to 1.0Nm • Tool sets SW9 (for M8) and SW13 (for M12) included in delivery • Simple and secure fastening of e.g. cable connectors on distributor terminals

Mounting clip
• For M12 or M8 cable sockets / connectors • Mounting clip for fixing the screw connection • No lateral shift within the clip • Can be aligned independently of size due to tongue and groove

multifunctionaltool AY000154
- pocket tool set for mounting various sensors - 6 hexagon keys SW0.7 … SW2.5 - 2 slotted screwdrivers 1.5 und 2.0mm https://www.ipf-electronic.de/en/online-shop/product-details/ay000154/

sensor optical OT450528
- diffuse-reflection sensor with background suppression - stainless steel housing in wash-down design - Point Source LED - parameterization via teach-in - IO-Link interface https://www.ipf-electronic.de/en/online-shop/product-details/ot450528/

logic module VL150102
- fully electronic dual AND logic module - 2 M8 slots for connecting sensors - M8-connector for direct connection to distribution boxes - LED switching status https://www.ipf-electronic.de/en/online-shop/product-details/vl150102/

Devices for measuring compressed air consumption
- sensors with integrated rectifier or inlet section for pipe diameters G1/4“…G2“ - insertion sensors for any diameter - can also be parameterized for other gases

Instruments for leakage measurement
- ultrasonic sensor for detecting the smallest leaks in a compressed air system - optional software for documentation and cost calculation - case set with various accessories

Devices for measuring compressed air consumption
- sensors with integrated rectifier or inlet section for pipe diameters G1/4“…G2“ - insertion sensors for any diameter - can also be parameterized for other gases