Ohrmann GmbH
MontagetechnikHall 5 - Stand 5216

  • Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces
    • General turnkey assembly systems
  • Turnkey assembly systems according to system type
    • Rotary indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
    • Linear indexing assembly systems, rigidly interlinked
    • Linear transfer assembly systems with open workpiece carrier circulation
    • Interlinked robot assembly systems and robot assembly cells
  • Manual assembly workstations
    • Assembly fixtures
    • Manual, individual assembly workstations
    • Semi-automatic assembly workstations
  • Joining technology for inserting, press-fitting and fastening
    • O-ring joining technology
  • Machines, systems and accessories for the adhesive and adhesive tapes processing industry
    • Low-pressure encapsulation technology

Those who want to go fast go alone. Those who want to go far go together. And that is why every single companion counts at OHRMANN!

Going on a journey with us means taking responsibility for oneself and the path we take togehter. We provide space for development and experiencing true …mehr

OHRMANN OA ROTA product family - Making the impossible possible
It is time again - Motek trade show in Stuttgart! OHRMANN shows among others its new OA ROTA product family. An assembly process for external sealing rings, which makes the impossible possible! - Perfect for large O-rings and o-rings with small cord sizes - Ideal for special ring ...more

OHRMANN live in Stuttgart or virtual
Live at Motek or alternatively here or on our homepage virtually with more impressions: We are happy to present our latest solutions around our topic: seal assembly meets automation!