KRIEG WORKFLEX Hall 3 - Stand 3109

  • Manual assembly workstations
    • Assembly tables
    • Grab containers
    • Manual, individual assembly workstations
    • Semi-automatic assembly workstations

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Ergonomic ESD workplace system MULTIPLAN
Safe handling of your electrostatically sensitive components ✔ Assembly Station for fast provision of of small parts in the assembly ✔ With pick-by-light and inventory recording in real time ✔ Work faster and be more productive thanks to WORKFLEX work instruction app ✔ Coordinated, ...more

Assembly workplace ERGOSMART
✔ Cognitive operator assistance system “Smart Klaus“ for more productivity ✔ Increased efficiency through optimal best-point grip spaces in the sense of the Best Point character ✔ Swivel box carrier leaf with Pick-by-Light system and perforated mounting pane ✔ Tool-less attachment of ...more

Assembly table MULTIFLEX for small series
Ideal for small series assembly ✔ Pick-by-Light: Optical signal system for paperless picking ✔ Fast changeover time due to mobile material supply ✔ Flexible switching of material supply trolleys ✔ Increased efficiency through optimal best-point grip spaces ✔ Electric-powered ...more

Packaging workplace system MULTIPLAN
Ergonomic packaging due to individual adjustment possibilities ✔ Healthy working with an ergonomic height-adjustable side table for e.g. a printer or a scale ✔ Maximum efficiency increase through individually adaptable components ✔ Electric ergonomic height adjustment ✔ Integrated ...more

Electrically height adjustable assembly table E-LINE
✔ Lightweight assembly workstation with high load capacity of up to 200 kg ✔ Low-cost entry into professional quality ✔ Quick change between sitting and standing activity