Trade fair highlight 22. September 2023

Suzhou Hongchao Automation Equipment Co., Ltd

At Hongchao Automation we have over 18 years of experience with both in-house design and the manufacturing of custom parts feeding systems. From a simple standalone machine to a custom feeding system incorporating vibratory bowl feeder, counting system, vision systems and other technologies, we can provide the correct level of customization for your assembly and automation needs.
Hongchao Automation has a network of sales representatives and distributors throughout the world.
Our main products include:
1.Vibratory Bowl Feeder
2.Flexible Feeder
3.Step Feeder
4.Conveyor Belt
5.Drum Feeder
6.Feeder Separators
7.Linear vibration Feeders
Our customers include medical, automotive, appliance, packaging and electronics industries.