Trade fair highlight 26. July 2023

Laser-based cable assembly using robot

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ArtiMinds uses laser line scanners detect and gripp free hanging cables
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ArtiMinds RPS offers a graphical user interface for robot programming
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ArtiMinds uses laser line scanners detect and gripp free hanging cables
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The highlight of ArtiMinds Robotics' presentation at Motek 2023 (Hall 7, Booth 7103) will be a cable handling application with a cobot from Universal Robots that demonstrates the robust detection, gripping and joining of freely hanging, flexible limp parts. The solution approach developed by ArtiMinds for this complex 2.5D application is based on a combination of 2D laser scanner, force control and the interfaces and intelligent function templates in ArtiMinds RPS, which were newly developed especially for this purpose. The software first computes the scan result with the robot motion to find the correct pickup point and then performs a force-controlled joining operation.

The software products ArtiMinds RPS and ArtiMinds LAR are compatible with a wide range of robot manufacturers as well as the most common grippers, camera systems and force-torque sensors, thus forming the perfect basis for flexible automation. The graphical, intuitive user interface replaces textual programming and eliminates the need for specific programming knowledge. By dragging and dropping, the user selects the desired functions and movements from predefined templates and generates his program in the native robot programming language. This allows even complex sensor-adaptive applications to be implemented robustly and efficiently. With the sensor data automatically acquired and processed by ArtiMinds LAR, the user gains essential insights into his processes in order to continuously optimize them during further operation.