Product novelty 15. September 2023

TRiMiTi´s Screw Fastening Assistent

TRiMiTi boasts a distinctive feature: an AI-powered screw fastening assistant for manual assembly processes. We are excited to unveil a practical application of this technology at Motek, focusing on the assembly of battery packs.

Through an intuitive interface, TRiMiTi provides the operator with a clear and systematic screw fastening sequence for each cell, offering step-by-step guidance throughout the assembly process. When executed correctly, the operator can seamlessly transition to the subsequent task. In case the worker tries to fasten the wrong screw in the sequence, TRiMiTi has the capability to lock the tool and promptly notify the operator and offers precise instructions for corrective actions in alignment with the prescribed workflow.

The Learning-by-Doing (LbD) functionality empowers both workers and supervisors to tailor individual workflows and fine-tune screw settings as needed. This remarkable feature liberates workflows from the constraints of specific workstations, affording the flexibility to adapt and modify workflows at any station to meet evolving requirements.

As a result, TRiMiTi not only ensures First Time-Right production but also establishes stable process flows. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates manual work into the Industry 4.0 paradigm, bolstering the overall efficiency and precision of manufacturing processes.