Product novelty 21. September 2023

Schmalz at Motek: Handling your automation challenges

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Compressed air-free vacuum generator: the electric Compact Pump GCPi
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Schmalz speeds up every pick-and-pack process with its ivOS vision ecosystem
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The AGR-certified JumboFlex Weight-Control lifts and weighs in one movement
Electric, pneumatic or "nothing"? Vacuum is a proven means of gripping and lifting things. Traditionally, systems work with pneumatic or electric vacuum generators. Both solutions have advantages and disadvantages - depending on the application, for example, the use of compressed air can be the deciding factor. Schmalz is now taking a completely new approach with the Eco-Gripper. Here, the kinetic energy of the robot generates the vacuum when it is placed on the airtight and flat workpiece.

At Motek, Schmalz will also present the new SCTMi mini-compact terminal, which combines intelligence and variability packed into the smallest of spaces: Up to 16 SCPM compact ejectors, blocked in one terminal, can control and monitor just as many vacuum circuits. Further functions for controlling the entire production process are integrated. Its small and compact design allows space-saving integration.

There is also a lot of intelligence in the ivOS Pick-and-Pack Solution Kit for system builders and integrators. It is used to set up bin-picking applications. The system recognizes even unknown workpieces, selects a suitable gripper with the appropriate gripping strategy and picks the goods.

The electric Compact Pump GCPi excels wherever compressed air is not available. Weighing only three kilograms, it can be used flexibly in many areas of vacuum automation and mobile robotics to lift suction-tight as well as porous workpieces.

In addition to solutions for vacuum automation, Schmalz will also present sophisticated systems for manual handling at Motek. A classic is the vacuum tube lifter JumboFlex, with which employees can move workpieces weighing up to 50 kilograms with one hand. In addition to their dynamics, the vacuum lifters also impress with their clever additional functions. For example, the Weight Control variant lifts and weighs loads in a single movement.

Schmalz at Motek: Hall 7, Booth 7101