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Product overview

Machines, systems and accessories for the adhesive- and adhesive tapesprocessing industry
  • Low-pressure plasma systems
  • Atmospheric plasma systems
  • Plasma systems, general
  • Pre-treatment systems
  • Cleaning systems

Product Innovations

Production cells including automated solutions for surface treatment of connector strips

In addition to the Openair-Plasma Systems for surface treatment Plasmatreat GmbH also offers individual production cells with automated solutions to ensure seamless integration in the production lines. Plasma Treatment Units (PTU) are tailored to the customer's technical processes and are equipped with various operating options. Here Plasmatreat offers the solution of coordinated process automation combining efficient surface treatment and a perfectly coordinated handling of assemblies and components.

"Especially for the production of large quantities which require precise surface treatment of specific contours or for the ongoing receiving and handing over of components in a continuous production process we are repeatedly asked for ready to use production cells", explains Joachim Schüßler, Sales Manager of Plasmatreat GmbH. In most cases this involves repeatable processes that are carried out fully or semi-automatically. The focus lies on surface treatment using Openair-Plasma in combination with a wide variety of automation tools. "The customer or the project determines which systems are to be installed in our PTUs. Within a project, for example, cycle times, quantities and pure processing periods or the budget are defined. These specifications ultimately determine how a system is put together," Schüßler continues. The feeding and handling of the parts can thus be implemented using a variety of systems, such as robots, inline conveyor and pin chain systems, workpiece carriers, rotary tables.

Production cells including automated solutions for surface treatment of connector strips
Surface treatment of connector strips

Product group:

Machines, systems and accessories for the adhesives manufacturing industry


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