Arena of Integration 2020: Intelligently Implemented Connectivity

The next round is beginning for the integrative theme park known as the Arena of Integration (AoI). For the second time, this year’s competence network will flank the time-tested trade fair duo consisting of the Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly and the Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technologies. From 5 to 8 October 2020, AoI participants will follow up on the highly promising beginnings established at last year’s event and further develop the associated benefits.

Together with trade fair promoters P.E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG and the Mechatronics Network of Baden-Württemberg, more than 35 company representatives gave the go-ahead for this year’s Arena of Integration (AoI for short) at the kick-off meeting held in Stuttgart on Wednesday. At the beginning of October 2020, all involved parties intend to carry on with what was successfully launched in 2019 at Motek/Bondexpo: further advance connectivity in industrial production and provide customers with practical demonstrations of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Participants at the first AoI in autumn 2019 pointed out the direction in which industrial processes are headed – impressively and with great commitment: digitalisation necessitates consistent connectivity, holistic engineering and cooperative project implementation. With the AoI, all participating partners have created a unique platform for linking the various aspects of Industry 4.0 to real business models. Based on their respective collaborations, they’ve proven that they have reliable solutions that can be exploited in actual practice.


Collaboration: Joint Development of the Unique Platform

Together with the organisers, AoI participants now want to expand the concept of “automation intelligence to go” and enhance its profile, make it even more tangible for customers and develop marketing strategies. They stress the fact that practical solutions can be created from diverse products and various know-how, from which concrete business models can be evolved and added value can be generated. Players in the manufacturing industries want to, and must remain at the cutting edge within the market – and this is facilitated by setting up simple, transparent tasking interfaces amongst the various manufacturers. This makes it possible to collaboratively develop new solutions and generate orders.


Motek/Bondexpo/AoI: Putting Connectivity into Practice

The globally leading Motek trade fair with its claim to “Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly”, positioned at the heart of the SME sector, is precisely the right place for the presentation of connected Industry 4.0 in a practical, hands-on manner. AoI is a forward-looking approach – at the right place, at the right time. Customers can formulate concrete problems and find answers, as well as feasible solutions, directly at the event. Project implementation for everyday practice, networked to such a great extent, can’t be experienced at any other trade fair. This kind of networking provides the best opportunity for being a successful innovator – participants at AoI 2019 agreed on this already last year: as cooperating partners they were able to demonstrate their overall competence and initiate new partnerships.


AoI Network: Complementary Competence in Digitalisation

In the end, success is what counts – for the customer who brings his industrial problem to the AoI, as well as for the cooperating AoI participants. With the help this concept, the organisers are providing expert visitors with the opportunity of gathering information in a compact format regarding the various aspects of digitalisation. The foreign delegations that visited the Arena of Integration in 2019 were also impressed by the fact that they were able to take answers home with them on how Industry 4.0 actually works in practice: automation intelligence to go.


Concrete Use-Cases at the Forefront which Harbour Huge Potential

“We foresee tremendous potential for 2020 by evolving the AoI’s benefits to an even greater extent and focussing deeply on integration,” says Thillo Heffner. The CEO of Efficiency Systems, a start-up company in Überlingen, Germany, affirms that the AoI’s use-cases provide in particular small companies with an excellent opportunity for transporting their story to the customer in a collaborative effort.  

“The concept of the Arena of Integration makes it a very important platform,” observed industrial engineer Werner Morgenthaler from the Northern Black Forest Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Pforzheim, and underscored the chamber’s role as a multiplier. Jürgen Raizner, head of the Steinbeis Transfer Center East-West Joint Ventures in Deggingen, Germany, also offered his services as an advocate and mediator of AoI interests and projects. He suggested an internationalisation of the AoI concept and the presentation of the AoI model and its concrete solution examples abroad.


Motek – Taking a Further Step Towards the Digital Factory with the AoI

The AoI was a milestone at last year’s trade fair which attracted attention across the board with its 29 practical use-cases, because the participating companies were able to present connected Industry 4.0 solutions in close cooperation and in a practical, hands-on manner. AoI participants are now preparing the collaborations and use-cases which will be presented at Motek/Bondexpo in early October. Further information can be obtained from Rainer Färber.