Motek/Bondexpo 2019: Arena der Zukunft!

Arena of Integration: Automation Intelligence to Go!

Together with the 13th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technologies, the 38th Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly is getting ready for the final spurt. The new “Arena of Integration” represents a highlight within the framework of the event from the 7th through the 10th of October, 2019: collaborating companies will demonstrate modern manufacturing sequences within a setting of ongoing, consistent automation digitalisation at an integrated theme park.

With its “Arena of Integration” theme park (AoI) in the middle of hall 6, Motek will demonstrate that comprehensive integration of systems, processes and components is already an exploitable reality in routine daily industrial practice. As a trade fair highlight, the AoI organised by Schall trade fair promoters together with roughly 30 participants, as well as the Mechatronics Network of Baden-Württemberg as collaboration partner, will provide expert visitors with concrete answers to questions regarding intelligent production and process sequences in conjunction with digital applications. In 2019 it will serve as a prelude to a recurring special show that presents trade visitors and users with industrially feasible and viable solutions: Automation Intelligence to Go!


Use Cases Demonstrate Intelligent Production

AoI participants include renowned companies from the industry sector such as Pilz, Phoenix Contact, FPT, Balluff and Adiro. Connectivity is implemented in actual practice and is the centre of attention at the AoI: various companies have mutually developed project ideas and will demonstrate industrial manufacturing processes in connection with digital applications. They show how processes have to be set up within the framework of ongoing digitalisation in order to be economically efficient and competitive. Networking at the technological level on the one hand, and at the corporate level on the other hand: the integrative theme park demonstrates that competitors can, at the same time, be partners.


Motek 2019 – Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly

In the year 2019 and beyond, Motek will focus on smart solutions for production and assembly. Ultramodern and in the meantime digitalised components, modules, subsystems and complete machines for automated production and assembly are at the heart of the product and services portfolio of the internationally recognised information, communication and business platform. In order to do justice to ever stricter requirements placed on consistently automated production with flexible lot quantities both now and in the future, Motek will present complete solutions with networked technology and communication which are geared to actual industrial practice. As a supplement to all of this, Bondexpo will exhibit standalone and system solutions for joining and fastening components and modules in preassembly and final assembly. Expert visitors are presented with a unique and comprehensive international portrayal of information and process-oriented industrial production and assembly automation covering all aspects of the value creation sequences.

With the traditional exhibitor forum and the “Arena of Communication” within the setting of the AoI, expert visitors will be provided with a unique platform in Stuttgart at the beginning of October at which they’ll be able to acquire specific know-how and discuss possible solutions to problems at talks and by exchanging technical knowledge and experience.