Motek and Bondexpo are Gathering Speed

Four Months to Go: Motek and Bondexpo are Gathering Speed

The next Motek, which is slated on the industry agenda together with Bondexpo in Stuttgart from 7 to 10 October 2019, will be a unique communication and business platform for current and future production systems. Together, the two complementary technical events held by trade fair promoters P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG reflect today’s dynamic, changing industrial manufacturing practice. Expert visitors will find answers to the questions they’re grappling with on their way to the smart factory in the customarily practical atmosphere at the event.

The dates for the 38th Motek and the 13th Bondexpo have long since been saved in the calendars of the trade fair duo’s expert audience. Both trade fairs have highly pragmatic concepts – the practical applicability and usability of solutions for industrial production are at the centre of attention. The event demonstrates that digitalisation and integration aren’t just buzzwords, but rather feasible reality. The Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly presents the entire spectrum of rapidly changing process automation. Nowhere else are technical trade fair visitors able to gain a comparably extensive overview of how the manufacturing process has to be set up as an overall system within the framework of ongoing, consistent digitalisation of automation functions in order to be economically efficient. Motek 2019 will demonstrate that industrially practical and thus future-proof solutions are already available to today’s and tomorrow’s customers and users. This industry highlight has long since evolved into a well-received, “must-attend” event for all design engineers, users and production managers who are looking for practical solutions for modern industrial manufacturing and assembly.


Motek and Bondexpo: Mutual Enhancement with Rising Internationalism

In addition to Motek, the Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology is also a pioneering industry meet which is consistently aligned to diverse issues covering all aspects of industrial joining and fastening. The clear-cut focus on the process sequence for joining/fastening by means of bonding, encapsulation, sealing and foaming supports users in dealing with current and future challenges with regard to various materials, economic efficiency, quality, reliability and efficient sequences within the manufacturing process. Both industry highlights, Motek as well as Bondexpo, are mirror images of the changing production the landscape.


Digitalisation and Networking: Motek is Smart – and Comprehensible

There’s no lack of buzzwords, not even in routine daily industrial practice: production of variants in flexible lot quantities, digitalisation, Industry 4.0, smart factory, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cyber security … These trends represent tremendous change and embody new, previously unknown possibilities and potentials, but lead to uncertainty as well – not least of all in assembly automation. Networking and big data are already important issues in many companies, but the expert visitors from industrial manufacturing still have open questions in this regard. “Together with our exhibitors and collaboration partners, for example the Mechatronics Network of Baden-Württemberg with its further developed Arena of Integration, expert visitors at Motek will find concrete answers to questions about future production,” assures Bettina Schall, managing director of P. E. Schall GmbH & Co. KG.


Industrial Manufacturing Presented in a Consistent and Integrated Manner

Expert visitors will experience all of the issues surrounding production and assembly automation at Motek – beginning with receiving and including all process steps such as quality assurance, identification, packaging, order picking and intralogistics. The thematic structure which is consistently aligned to daily manufacturing routine provides exhibitors and expert visitors with quick orientation and minimal legwork. Assembly systems, handling technology, robots, joining and screwing technology, material flow and conveyor systems, measuring and test technology are presented to the trade fair guest, as well as drives, controllers, sensors and software. Expert visitors are interested in the manufacturing process as an overall system within the framework of ongoing, consistent digitalisation of automation functions, because products and systems can no longer be seen as entities unto themselves. Motek 2019 will demonstrate that comprehensive integration is feasible reality in routine daily industrial practice.


Modern Assembly on All Communication Channels

One of the advantages of the trade fair venue in Stuttgart is its exceptional accessibility. Expert visitors profit from the well-conceived exhibition hall concept at Motek/Bondexpo, and the resultant minimal legwork. They also benefit from this unique information and business platform because it enjoys well-deserved international recognition. Beyond this, the transfer of knowledge takes place in a unique manner – by means of technical discussions with the exhibitors, via the Arena of Integration with further developed content and at the 2-day “Modern Assembly” congress which will accompany the trade fair – all at a single location. These various communication channels provide expert visitors with a highly practical, direct exchange of information, as well as the implementable solutions they require for their respective fields of activity. Assembly automation enthusiasts can keep themselves up to date via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and of course the trade fair website.