Showroom of the international trade fair for bonding technology

Asutec GmbH

  • Küferstr. 11, 73257 Köngen, Germany

Exhibition hall 3 – Booth 3424

Trade Fair Highlight

ASUTEC Motek Highlight

ASUTEC Motek Highlight

Electric separator with damping ASMEL-410
Stops, separates and damps one or more accumulated pallet holders at a defi ned pallet holder stop plate in conveyor systems or at the working piece directly. Electrical separating stop with infinitely adjustable damping.
Aluminum basic housing with hard-anodizing coating. Stop plate made from hardened steel
Optimum damping at pallet holder weights until 410 kg.

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Product Innovations

ASUTEC Motek new products

ASUTEC Motek new products

Pneumatic Separator with damping ASM-1250
Separator with damping and 15 mm lowering stroke. Very solid devices. Locking of the lowered position possible. Very well protected against dripping liquids.
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Product overview

Product overview

Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces

  • Assembly systems for automotive modules for powertrain and chassis (engines, transmissions, axels, steering, brakes, chassis assemblies)

Turnkey assembly systems according to system type

  • Linear transfer assembly systems with open workpiece carrier circulation

Grippers and clamping systems

  • Pneumatic grippers

Feed technology and conveyor technology

  • Feed separators

Pneumatics, hydraulics and lubricating technology

  • Shock absorbers

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