Showroom of the international trade fair for bonding technology

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc.

  • Jergens Way, 15700 South Waterloo Road, 44110-3898 Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Exhibition hall 3 – Booth 3314

Trade Fair Highlight

ASG X-PAQ Precision Fastening System
ASG X-PAQ SD2500 Integrated on Automatic Screw Feeding Module and a Collaborative Robot

ASG X-PAQ Precision Fastening System

The ASG X-PAQ Precision Fastening system is an affordable, precision torque control and data management system with intuitive, user friendly programming. There are two essential components to this system; the SD2500 controller and the SD2500 screwdriver or nutrunner.

The SD2500 Controller features a large, color touch screen for intuitive set-up, eliminating the need for external software. A variety of integration options are possible. Features and benefits of... read more

Product Innovations

Torque Arm Positioning System: Intuitive and User Friendly HMI Error Proofing Package
ASG Premium Torque Arm and Nav-P 4.0 System with X-PAQ

Torque Arm Positioning System: Intuitive and User Friendly HMI Error Proofing Package

ASG, Division of Jergens, Inc. offers a torque arm positioning system that can memorize up to 500 assembly sequences. The 7” wide LCD HMI touchscreen, the ASG NAV-P 4.0 System, makes set up easy, and provides a visual aid through pictures... read more

Product overview

Product overview

Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces

  • Assembly systems for automotive modules for powertrain and chassis (engines, transmissions, axels, steering, brakes, chassis assemblies)
  • Assembly systems for electronic assemblies (electronic assemblies, sensors, HF devices)
  • Assembly systems for electric devices (household appliances, electric tools, IT and communications devices, consumer electronics)
  • General turnkey assembly systems

Manual assembly workstations

  • Assembly tools
  • Semi-automatic assembly workstations

Industrial robots and manipulators

  • Robot system integration

Handling modules

  • Handling units for assembly systems (pick&place)

Screwing technology

  • Handheld drivers
  • Stationary screw spindles
  • Screwing process monitoring systems
  • Manual and semi-automatic screwing workstations

Controllers, user interfaces, industrial communication

  • Position controllers

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