MiniTec GmbH & Co. KG Hall 3 - Stand 3115

  • Handling modules
    • Handling units for assembly systems (pick&place)
    • Pneumatically powered linear modules
    • Electrically powered linear modules
    • Linear modules with direct drive
    • Linear slides without drive
    • Precision slides
  • Turnkey assembly systems according to assembled workpieces
    • Assembly systems for automotive modules for powertrain and chassis (engines, transmissions, axels, steering, brakes, chassis assemblies)
    • Assembly systems for automotive assemblies for bodywork, interior and occupant protection (lights, locking systems, mirrors, door modules, roof systems, seats, cockpit, occupant protection)
    • Assembly systems for electromechanical assemblies (motors, solenoid coils, switchgear, connection technology, batteries)
    • Assembly systems for electronic assemblies (electronic assemblies, sensors, HF devices)
    • Assembly systems for fluidic assemblies (pumps, compressors, valves, heat exchangers, tanks, filters, hoses)
    • Assembly systems for Mechanical assemblies (fittings, locks, mounting components)
    • Assembly systems for electric devices (household appliances, electric tools, IT and communications devices, consumer electronics)
    • Assembly systems for medical technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods (medical disposables, medication applicators, functional packaging, writing implements)
    • Assembly systems for solar technology
    • General turnkey assembly systems
  • Turnkey assembly systems according to system type
    • Interlinked robot assembly systems and robot assembly cells
  • Basic assembly machines and interlinking assembly systems
    • Workpiece carrier transfer systems, open workpiece carrier circulation
  • Manual assembly workstations
    • Assembly tables
    • Assembly fixtures
    • Manual, individual assembly workstations
    • Semi-automatic assembly workstations
    • Interlinked manual assembly lines
  • Feed technology and conveyor technology
    • Pelletisers for orderly feeding and packing in trays
    • Complete customer-specific feed systems
    • Feed separators
    • Flexible feed systems with image processing
    • Helical vibrating conveyors
    • Linear vibration feeders
    • Small conveyor belts for parts feeding
    • General conveyor belts
    • Roller conveyors
    • Chain conveyors
    • Other feed and conveyor technology
  • Soldering technology
    • Inductive soldering technology
    • Manual and semi-automatic soldering workstations
  • Welding technology for joining metals
    • Laser welding technology for joining metals
  • Machines, systems and accessories for the adhesive and adhesive tapes processing industry
    • Miscellaneous machines, systems and accessories
  • Semi-finished goods, racks, enclosures and safety technology
    • Aluminium construction profiles
    • Components for profile systems
    • Protective fences and safety enclosures
    • Other safety equipment
  • Mechanical drive components
    • Linear slide guides (linear bearings, dovetail guides, rail guides)
  • Software for assembly
    • Consulting and systems integration
    • Other software for assembly
  • Services and organisation
    • Systems planning

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