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From Components to Complete Systems
Industry players from industrial manufacturing will meet at the traditional trade fair highlight in Stuttgart, namely Motek/Bondexpo, from the 10th through the 13th of October, 2023. Together with the 16th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology, the 41st Motek ...more

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Motek/Bondexpo 2023 – a Pivotal Cornerstone in the Trade Fair Calendar

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Motek/Bondexpo – a Significant Milestone for the 2022 Fall Trade Fair Season

Bondexpo Internationale Fachmesse für Klebtechnologie Motek Final
Many thanks for the first-class anniversary edition Motek/Bondexpo 2022!

OHRMANN OA ROTA product family - Making the impossible possible
It is time - World and market novelty in Stuttgart! OHRMANN shows its brandnew OA ROTA product family. An all-new assembly process for external sealing rings, which makes the impossible possible! - Perfect for large O-rings and o-rings with small cord sizes - Ideal for special ring ...more

OHRMANN in new corporate design presents world- and market novelty - OA ROTA assembly method
On 40th anniversary Motek live again or alternatively here or on our homepage virtually with more impressions: We are happy to present our latest solutions around our topic: seal assembly meets automation! This year in completely new Corporate Design and with a world- and market ...more

Agile production technologies – Automated rudder hinge assembly in aircraft vertical tail planes The high-precision positioning of components plays a very important role in aircraft construction – as well as in other industries. Among other things, this is made possible by modern ...more

Chain rider sets for double-strand roller
The well-known chain slider set for single roller chains in a version for duplex chains is now also available at MÄDLER®. The set is mounted on the suitable tensioning element to create a ready-to-mount, cost-efficient chain tensioner. The shape of the rider, made of high-grade, friction ...more

Parallel pins with internal thread according to DIN 7979
These parallel pins are chamfered and convex with chamfer on one end and with internal thread on the other for unmounting. There is a flat area for bleeding the borehole, similar to DIN EN ISO 8735. We will be happy to offer you other sizes and designs on request.

Spring plungers with hexagon socket – now in 11 additional designs!
Thanks to these new products our range of spring plungers is extremely diverse! As of today, you may choose among the following features for spring plungers: with ball, moving ball, head, slot, internal hexagon, bolt and strong tension. Depending on the design, we offer the spring ...more

Motor controller SFRG 06 for brushed DC- and brushless BLDC-drives
This intelligent motor controller with PWM output automatically detects whether a brushed DC motor or a brushless BLDC motor is connected. Thanks to SMD technology its design is very compact.

Worm gear units KES in additional sizes and versions
Our very successful angular drives with hollow output shaft for high torques are suitable for a wide range of applications - especially with very small dimensions. They are now available in two versions as standard items: (A) with an input shaft end, (B) with a continuous worm ...more

Ball bearings MÄDLER® - now also available in stainless steel!
At MÄDLER® you will find the popular standard ball bearings made of roller bearing steel also made of stainless steel! Up to an inner diameter of 9mm the bearings are lubricated with the special grease SRL, for precision devices, so that these small bearings run particularly easily and ...more

Tool Tracking solutions from ART
ART presents a new tool tracking solution with DTRACK, the reknown optical tracking system. With a tracking adapter on each tool you can follow the position and movements of every tool simultanously. The stereo mesurement modul SMARTTRACK is already widely used in virtual reality ...more

Product Launch - Mini Electropneumatic Power Unit
INDEPENDENT Zimmer Group solutions operate in the most remote locations and perform the most diverse tasks. In some cases on systems or equipment without a direct supply of compressed air, for example in medical technology or on driverless transport systems. In particular, the ...more

Product extension energy elements
One of the most important accessories for tool changers are energy elements. They allow the transmission of various media or signals from the robot flange to the tool, whether pneumatic, electric, fluidic, or data-based. With the revision of our energy elements, we have now both expanded ...more

Series GEP2000 Protector version - For increased hygiene requirements
Our most successful electric small parts gripper series comes with a product extension that can also be used under increased hygiene requirements as well as in cleanrooms. Thanks to its low particle emissions, our new GEP2000 protector version has been certified for cleanroom class 2. ...more

FWR Automatic Tool Changer - Maximum Flexibility
A novelty of our automatic tool changer is the FWR series, which is able to perform the tool change completely without external operating media. In combination with the newly developed storage station, a safe tool change is mechanically actuated when entering the station. No additional ...more

15th Bondexpo Trade Fair on 4 to 7 October 2022

Visit the leading trade fair in the field of bonding technology.

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