25. July 2019

Arena of Integration: Automation Intelligence to Go!

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The 38th Motek – International Trade Fair for Production and Assembly Automation – is preparing for the finish together with the 13th Bondexpo – International Trade Fair for Adhesive Technologies. Highlight within the framework of the fair from 07. to October 10, 2019, is the new “Arena of Integration”: In an integrative theme park, cooperating companies demonstrate modern manufacturing processes in the course of progressive, end-to-end digitalization of automation.

With the Arena of Integration (AoI) theme park at the center of Hall 6, Motek will demonstrate that comprehensive plant, process and component integration is already a usable reality in everyday industry. As a trade fair highlight, AoI, which trade fair promoter Schall is organizing together with around 30 participants and cooperation partner Landesnetzwerk Mechatronik Baden-Württemberg, will provide trade visitors with concrete answers to questions about intelligent production and process chains in conjunction with digital applications. In 2019, it will be the prelude to a recurring special show that will demonstrate industrially practicable and implementable solutions to trade visitors and users: Automation Intelligence to Go!

Use cases demonstrate intelligent production

Among the AoI participants will be well-known companies in the industry, including Pilz, Phoenix Contact, FPT, Balluff and Adiro, for example. “Connectivity” becomes practice here and is the focus of the AoI: Companies have developed project ideas with each other and demonstrate industrial manufacturing processes in connection with digital applications. They show what processes must look like in the context of advancing digitization in order to be efficient and economical. Networking on the technological side on the one hand, and on the entrepreneurial side on the other: The integrative theme park shows that competitors can certainly be partners at the same time.

Motek 2019 – “Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly

Motek focuses on “Smart Solutions for Production and Assembly” for 2019 and beyond. At the core of the product and service portfolio of the globally recognized information, communication and business platform are state-of-the-art and now digitized components, assemblies, subsystems and complete systems for automated production and assembly. In order to meet the growing demands of fully automated, flexible production, both now and in the future, Motek presents complete solutions that are geared to industrial practice and networked in terms of technology and communication. In addition, Bondexpo will showcase detailed and system solutions for joining and connecting components and assemblies in pre-assembly and final assembly. The trade audience receives a worldwide and unique comprehensive picture around the value chains of an information- and process-oriented industrial production and assembly automation.

With the traditional exhibitor forum and the “Arena of Communication”, which is located in the vicinity of the AoI, trade visitors will find a unique platform in Stuttgart at the beginning of October, where they can acquire specific know-how and discuss problem solutions during presentations and professional exchanges.