3. May 2023

From Components to Complete Systems

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Industry players from industrial manufacturing will meet at the traditional trade fair highlight in Stuttgart, namely Motek/Bondexpo, from the 10th through the 13th of October, 2023. Together with the 16th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology, the 41st Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly looks at production as an overall concept – from components to complete systems. Motek/Bondexpo provides manufacturing companies with practical, implementable solutions for current and future challenges.

Managing directors, investment decision-makers, purchasing agents, factory outfitters, developers, engineers and designers from industrial practice hold Motek/Bondexpo in high esteem as a proven and indispensable event every autumn. “Because they’re looking for concrete, practical solutions to improve their processes and make them more economical, and they find them at Motek/Bondexpo,” emphasises Rainer Bachert, project manager at trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “Exhibitors and expert visitors alike take advantage of the unique selling point of this trade fair – the portrayal of complete processes in industrial production. Its practical, pragmatic approach and concrete, implementable solutions have been convincing trade fair visitors for decades,” says Bachert.

Thematic Relevance and a Reliable Trade Fair Concept

Motek/Bondexpo is an indisputably unique platform for investment decisions regarding systems planning, process engineering and the sustainability of all processes, because it’s grounded in reality. “For suppliers as well as users, efficiency, sustainability and flexibility are existentially important parameters for success in production,” points out the project manager. “International crises, climate change, the energy transition, geopolitical upheavals, rising costs and the shortage of qualified personnel have a decisive impact on economic and social events,” summarises Bachert. “Manufacturing companies need concrete, workable support in this regard so that they can remain competitive. As a proven working trade fair, Motek/Bondexpo demonstrates how they can easily get started with the automation and digitalisation of products and processes. It presents ergonomic and age-appropriate workstations and supports the simplification and optimisation of all processes,” stresses Bachert.

The range of topics covered by Motek/Bondexpo provides manufacturing companies with everything they need to cope with the tremendous challenges they’re facing today – for example, networked, intelligent production components such as grippers with sensors, handling systems, handling solutions, intelligent screwdriving technology, smart linear technology, mechatronic systems, smart drives and feed components. Assembly assistance systems are also amongst the core issues dealt with at Motek/Bondexpo, i.e. systems for manual and semi-automatic workstations, for assisted assembly and order picking, robot-based bin picking, co-working with cobots, automated parts staging and automated parts discharge. Finally, solutions for easy implementation and initial start-up are also covered at Motek such as simulation by means of digital twins, plug & play solutions and starter kits.

Smart, Networked Products for Feeding, Handling and Assembly

Getting started easily with automation, improved processes for energy-efficient and resource-saving production, as well as digitalised, easy-to-use production components are urgently required by many companies now. “Software is playing an increasingly important role in this regard,” explains project manager Bachert, “because software-supported processes and modern assistance systems are a big advantage in terms of ergonomics, flexibility and resource conservation.” AI methods (artificial intelligence) are being used to an ever-greater extent and are supporting production, for example with regard to zero-defects manufacturing.

In customary fashion, suppliers and users will discuss the issues with each other in person and on an equal footing at Motek/Bondexpo 2023, in order to be able to produce even more economically and sustainably. “Together with the fully integrated Bondexpo trade fair, Motek will once again offer a proven platform for decision-makers to update their plans by means of a professional exchange of ideas,” says Bettina Schall, managing director of trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “Motek/Bondexpo unites pragmatism, practicality and future viability. It’s solution-oriented and portrays the entire value creation chain in industrial manufacturing, thus making it truly unique.” And that’s why the 41st Motek and the 16th Bondexpo are firmly scheduled as the industry highlight for modern production automation: industry players will meet in Stuttgart from the 10th through the 13th of October, 2023.

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