11. July 2023

Statement from Managing Director Mr. Björn Riechers of RK Rose+Krieger concerning MOTEK 2023

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Björn Riechers, Managing Director, RK Rose+Krieger GmbH

Process Link Between Human and Machine Performance

From components to complete automation solutions in consideration of workplace ergonomics and digital worker assistance systems by means of intelligent process support -–this is what RK Rose+Krieger from Minden in Westphalia is all about. On behalf of the trade fair promoters, managing director Björn Riechers explains how important Motek/Bondexpo is for the automation technology sector.

For all of the companies operated by RK Rose+Krieger GmbH, Motek/Bondexpo has for years been the most important marketplace for presenting our expertise in the areas of components and system solutions for automation technology to an international audience. To a great extent, we’re associating our participation this year with the fact that the trade fair will return to its former strength of pre-Corona days, and in particular that visitors to the trade fair will once again be provided with comprehensive information in the field of machinery manufacturing with a focus on automation technology.
Our challenge is to convey to our customers and other interested parties that the RK Rose+Krieger Group is a reliable partner who can advise them about, and supply them with all essential, future-proof technologies from a single source ranging from components in automation technology to individual modules and entire automation solutions. We focus squarely on interlinking the individual work steps in order to create complete solution systems with an emphasis on packaging technology and intralogistics. Right from the beginning at RK Rose+Krieger, we’ve been concentrating on the selection of high-quality components designed specifically for the respective application in order to support our customers in the implementation of automation and lean concepts in their value creation chains.
From our point of view, collaborative work models between humans and cobots are a prominent trend in the ongoing automation of work processes. This process link between human and machine performance will make industrial processes and value creation chains more efficient and productive than we can imagine today. The Rose+Krieger team is looking forward this year to presenting our trade fair visitors with this generic transformation from components to complete automation solutions, in consideration of workplace ergonomics and digital worker assistance systems, by means of intelligent process support, for example Poka Yoke and SETAGO solutions. In particular we’re looking forward to being able to show our customers how solutions of this sort can be implemented using our components and engineering expertise based on the example of assembly workstations as well as a packaging line.

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