5. July 2023

Yamaha Exclusive Statement about Motek/Bondexpo 2023

Bondexpo Internationale Fachmesse für Klebtechnologie Yasushi Miyake web uai

Niederlassungsleiter von Yamaha Robotics in Deutschland, Yasushi Miyake. (Bild: Yamaha)

Motek is great opportunity for discussion with customers

Motek exhibitors are preparing for the autumn trade fair autumn: From October 10 to 13 2023, the industry will meet at the trade fair duo Motek/Bondexpo in Stuttgart. The branch manager of Yamaha Robotics in Germany, Yasushi Miyake, sums up the importance of the trade fair for us.

Europe’s manufacturing businesses need affordable and flexible automation to stay ahead in today’s competitive and fast-changing markets. Yamaha’s industrial robots help achieve these goals, incorporating advanced technologies and unique engineering. They include programmable transport modules, our SCARA range including ceiling-mounted versions, and the new pre-series cobot. With these, customers can raise productivity and scale production, especially when floorspace is limited, and even customise products directly on the assembly line. Motek represents a great opportunity for us to propose solutions to specific, topical manufacturing challenges and discuss them with potential customers. At this year’s event, we will present new demonstrations highlighting our teamwork with European system integrators.