18. June 2024

Cutting-Edge Technologies for the Challenges of Automation at Motek/Bondexpo 2024

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Production automators will have to work even more economically and efficiently in the future. The 42nd Motek international trade fair for automation in production and assembly, together with the 17th Bondexpo international trade fair for bonding technology, will showcase practical solutions for manufacturing. The industry’s traditional trade fair highlight will take place in Stuttgart from 8 to 11 October 2024, and will offer suitable components and solutions for future-proof processes to anyone looking to automate a process or a function.

Manufacturing companies are facing significant challenges – the range of tasks includes efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the conservation of resources, as well as dealing with the shortage of qualified personnel. Suppliers and users will exchange ideas regarding further improvements to production processes in the customary, thematically focused and practice-oriented working atmosphere at the proven industry platform provided by Motek/Bondexpo in Stuttgart from the 8th through the 11th October, 2024. The traditional autumn event will present the industry with new, interesting and sustainable approaches.

Feed Technology Digitalised and Networked

Preparations for the trade fair are running at full bore. Topics include networked, smart production components and systems, assembly assistance systems and workstation systems, solutions for easy implementation and commissioning, as well as object recognition and image processing for inline parts detection. Traditionally, feed technology also plays an important role. A diverse range of components, parts, assemblies and end-products have to be fed and discharged in specific configurations for production processes – a key step in manufacturing operations. Feeding, aligning and separation of parts are decisive steps in automated assembly processes. Machine manufacturers rely on specialised partners to provide individual, innovative solutions for these complex requirements. Numerous Motek exhibitors will present state-of-the-art feed, sorting and separation technology in Stuttgart. For example, Asyril offers versatile feed solutions for cutting-edge separation of bulk parts. The focus is on easy-to-integrate systems that optimise throughput times for bulk parts separation, and thus increase efficiency and reduce overall costs. Participation at Motek is very important for Asyril because the company establishes direct contact with potential customers and partners at the event, and demonstrates its flexible feed systems in action Appearing at the trade fair offers a unique opportunity for strengthening market presence and establishing valuable business relationships, stresses Asyril.

Artificial Intelligence and Multiphysics Simulation

Feed technology is also at the centre of attention for Rhein-Nadel Automation (RNA) from Aachen, Germany, as is the field of digitalisation. That’s why this year’s trade fair booth has a consistently digital layout. In order to be able to demonstrate the advantages to visitors in an ideal manner, various touchscreens and reproducible feed systems will be installed. The use of simulation programmes makes it possible to digitally validate any reproducible feed system during the design phase – by simulating the sorting process – before the production of parts and components begins. This ensures that the sorting and feeding processes run smoothly before the feed system is set up. And that saves time and money, reduces the consumption of resources and eliminates the duplication of work.
MAFU Automation is also a Motek exhibitor. The specialist for disentangling and feeding bulk parts that are difficult to detangle, such as springs, bent wire parts and retaining rings, now features screwdriving systems in its portfolio as well – another classic topic at Motek/Bondexpo. Consequently, MAFU will also be exhibiting automatic screwdriving machines along with screwdriving technology, modular screw feeders, screwdriving tools, measuring technology for quality assurance and visualisation options for greater process reliability at this year’s event. Expert visitors from the fields of assembly technology, machinery and systems manufacturing, the electrical and electronics industries, plastics technology, the packaging industry and medical and pharmaceutical technology will be able to experience new solutions in this area.

Supplementary Programme as Ideal Addition to a Trade Fair Visit

As is customary, the trade fair concept also includes a world-class supplementary programme which enriches a visit to the trade fair with in-depth information and promotes additional opportunities for a personal exchange of specialist knowledge. The Safety + Security in Automation forum organised by Pilz and held on the first day of the trade fair (8 October 2024) is already a traditional programme feature. The technical forum serves as a meeting place for experts from associations, science and industry who want to find out more about trending topics regarding safe automation and machine safety. Amongst other things, attention will be focused on practice-oriented presentations dealing with safety and security in machine manufacturing, safe production, new machinery regulations and corporate sustainability. Interested parties can attend all lectures individually and spontaneously without prior registration.

“A highly interesting supplementary programme is currently shaping up for this year’s event,” says Rainer Bachert, longstanding Motek/Bondexpo project manager at trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “Once again in 2024, expert visitors will experience a concise trade fair concept with a consistent thematic structure in order to make trade fair visits efficient and profitable for everyone involved. The challenges faced by the manufacturing industries necessitate a personal and practical exchange of technical expertise and a broad range of information. Suppliers and users alike are looking forward to taking advantage of Motek/Bondexpo 2024 as a traditional communication and technology platform for their production automation operations.”

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